School fun

School fun.

Pupils in the younger grades of primary school devote a lot of time to play after returning home. Playing school is definitely in the first place. Though with time, when the child gets used to his new situation, to fulfill the important role of a student, when school becomes an everyday affair, other themes will return. Again like before, will play house, in the shop, into a doctor, in journey, military, w Indian itp. With this, that these games will be incomparably richer. The child will use all the new information acquired at school, and in conversations with colleagues, ii by my own observations.

He will still need toys, that have accompanied him since childhood. He will use them as props in his increasingly interesting ones, increasingly complex games, often similar to small theatrical performances. More and more people will participate in these games. And not only life will provide topics, but also read fairy tales, stories, books.

Younger students are also passionate about all kinds of arcade games: pieces, fleas, jumping hats, serso, comet, and table games, domino, lottery games. They all train the precision of movements, they teach perceptiveness, are conducive to concentration, and thus improve the skills that are so much needed for school learning. Well then, so that many of these games the child has at home. It is also worth taking a few moments from time to time, to play with him. Even for this, to tell, that we have a partner in front of us, which is not so easy to overcome. Kid, quite inconvenient not so long ago, achieved excellent orientation and efficiency. In the game of pieces or serso, he became an unbeatable master.

Younger students are also eager to reach for construction toys. Buildings, which they raise, vehicles, which they construct, are getting more and more complicated, carefully made with great precision. Over time, they get down to simple DIY. The first successful attempts encourage you to take on more difficult and complex tasks.

They like to express themselves with pictures. Therefore, it is worth creating such conditions at home for them, so they can – whenever they want – draw and paint. Although their art works are not so full of momentum, like preschoolers, the characters are presented more statically, but the child puts in a lot of details, which hitherto received little attention, which missed. Now they become so important to him, that he exhibits them in his works. Because in his drawings, the child mainly depicts these things, that are most important to him.

From time to time, the older child reviews his toys and recognizes them, many of which he no longer needs. worn out, shabby, damaged should just be thrown away, but these, which are in perfectly good condition, can give to younger siblings, the child next door, friend. Many girls keep their favorite doll for a very long time. Some keep a miniature toy and arrange a tiny apartment for it, they equip them with new furniture, ornaments. Others, for a slightly larger doll, collect all sorts of things, handmade costumes. The boys are happy to complete the soldiers, various types of vehicles: cars, tractors, locomotives. Okay, when parents treat these children's tastes with understanding and respect, which over time can turn into a collector's passion.

A child at a younger school age most willingly plays in a selected group of several people, friendly colleagues. They are passionate about various competitions with their peers. He wants to constantly compare his abilities and skills with those of others. He doesn't just want to know, whether he can read and count as well as others, but also if he can run as fast as his friends, catch the ball so well, throw so well, jump so gracefully. In a word, he wants to know his possibilities. So he willingly participates in various games and sports. Many of them require the right equipment. So a child at this age will enjoy it more than a toy, if he gets a badminton set as a gift, table tennis, leather ball, which will be used for various games, fins or diving goggles, roller skates, skates, skis or other sports equipment.

In the younger school age, the role of play is almost as important as school learning. While playing, the child relaxes, calms down. While having fun, he also practices and improves many skills and abilities necessary for learning. So let's try to create good conditions for him, educational fun. And get used to it at the same time, that schoolwork is the most important thing.