Paper or foil parachutes

Paper or foil parachutes.

Easy to make, and at the same time used for various games and competitions, there are parachutes made of paper or foil. The materials needed are: papier, threads and a weight to load the structure (chestnut, acorn, pebble, a piece of plasticine), and of the tools, scissors are necessary, line, a pencil and a needle.

Cut out a square from a sheet of paper. Then bend according to the instructions given in the drawing. Thread four threads through the double folded corners. Tie the hanging ends of the threads together and attach a small weight to them.

A similar parachute can also be done, by trimming the corners of the prepared sheet in the round and gluing the threads to it with small pieces of paper, as shown in the picture.

With the help of parachutes, you can organize various games and competitions. They consist in landing in a marked spot. The parachute must be thrown from a height of at least 1,5 m. We draw a large circle on the ground, and in the middle – second, smaller. If the parachute hits the smaller circle, the competitor wins 10 points, if to a greater 5 points, and if it falls outside the circle of the second circle, the player scores no points.

Each competitor has the right to throw the parachute three times.

You can throw to the target in the following way:

– standing on a table or bench (then the diameter of the large circle can be 1 m, and the smaller one 30 cm),

– throw or shoot upwards with a rubber band (then the large circle should have a diameter of approx 5 m, and small 1 m).