Doll furniture

Doll furniture.

Girls will be happy to make from matchboxes (and using the same tools) doll furniture. The figure shows several patterns, though of course, furniture can be made much more and completely different, than those proposed here. But let's leave it to the ingenuity of the performers.

The principle of furniture construction is very simple. Glue boxes as needed, sometimes using only a "drawer" for the construction” or half a box, as in the library.

We make a desk out of 7 boxes glued together. To make drawers easy to open, we attach small buttons to each with pieces of wire. Whole, i.e. countertop, rear walls, side and front parts of the drawers, covered with glossy colored paper.

We will make the chairs according to the drawing. We will make the lower part from a box cut in half, the piece of furniture will then have more correct proportions.

Making a bookcase is quite simple. The part with drawers will be made of boxes cut in half, the bookcase will then be less massive and "lighter". The upper part consists of only "drawers".

Chair, table, glue the sofa and the divan according to the pattern shown in the picture. Cork legs can be attached to the couch.

The base of the lamp is a matchbox, into which we stick a stick. The lampshade is the lid of the medicine box, glued to the stick with glue.