Cardboard wagons

Cardboard wagons.

The next figure shows the different types of wagons. These are very old types of passenger cars, sometimes still used on some suburban routes.

First of them, the so-called "oyster mushroom", does not require any special discussion, while the second is a bit more difficult to perform. Wagon chassis (3 boxes) it is finished with vertically glued cardboards (1 i 2), roof in the part marked with numbers 3 i 4 made of drawers with slightly cut sides. The middle section of the wagon (5) we glue together from smaller boxes properly cut. Wagons are covered with black or dark green paper. Wheels, windows, doors and couplings are made as in the case of locomotives.

The next car is the baggage car, next to which there is a room for the train manager.

Then we offer several types of freight cars: covered wagons, coal dumper, and platform. The charcoal is made of drawers only. The last three are equipped with a brake hood. They are usually attached at the end of the composition. Wagons will be covered with red or black paper 1.

A train consisting of many coal wagons (we supply only one with a brake box, the others may be simpler in construction - without a booth) the child can carry various small things: rocks, chestnuts, acorns etc.