Leather gift case

Leather gift case.

A nice and useful gift can be a leather case for a comb or glasses or a purse.

First, we draw and cut out a form from paper, then we put it to the skin and outline it carefully with a stylus or a well-sharpened pencil. Now we put the skin on the board and with a sharp knife cut out two identical-sized parts of the case. Then we fold them evenly, glue on three sides on the edges, leaving the upper part marked with dashes in the drawing unglued, and then the glued edges are punched and sewn together with a thin thong. You will need a special leather sewing needle for this. The plastic case can be stitched with a thick one, colored cordon in a suitably selected color. Leather can be sewn with various decorative stitches, however, the simplest stitch looks the most effective, the so-called ship. We will make a case for glasses in the same way.

The biggest problem will be with the purse. It consists of three different parts: ellipses, a semicircle and a narrow longitudinal strip. After making the form and cutting out the individual elements of the purse from leather, all parts should be assembled like this, as the picture shows, glue lightly around the edges, and then punch the entire purse in a circle, sew the glued parts together, then hem the top, a single part.

Other useful leather trinkets can be made in a similar way: pen case, fountain pen or keys. Their size will depend on the size of the stored items. Such a gift will surely make everyone happy and useful.