Handmade gifts made by a child

Handmade gifts made by a child.

Various useful items made by the child themselves can fulfill an important task - serve as gifts. A preschool child studied for dad's name day, for mother's or grandmother's day rhyme or song. Sometimes it would give them some kind of puppet, pinecone man or drawing. The older one usually prepares a card, and sometimes he saves from his own pocket money for a longer time for a gift for his brother or for his mother. He has a lot of trouble with it, because it is generally difficult to buy a nice and useful thing for a small amount of money. And yet, with a little ingenuity, you can make a gift for your loved ones yourself. It will certainly give the recipient more joy than a trinket bought in a store. It will also be a memory, and about it, that the child did not regret his time and effort.

There are many different useful things you can do yourself ,,from anything” and with little effort. For example, old, destroyed, women's leather handbag (it can also be made of a material that imitates leather), destined to be thrown away, can be a great resource” for DIY. A miniature leather mascot in the shape of a teddy bear, kota, psa, fish or other animal tied with a thin thong and attached to the zipper of the travel bag will be a comfortable and effective handle.

Given to the sister, it can act as a mascot that brings good luck. A bouquet of tiny leather flowers can decorate your mother's sweater, jacket or coat. I do not provide mascot designs, or a detailed description of their implementation. In these works, the child's invention is the most important. Just give him an idea, which he will implement on his own initiative.

The leftover leather can be used to make all sorts of cases. Very practical, although a bit more difficult to make than mascots, there is a case for needles and thread.

Such a gift will not only please mom or grandma, but it will also be useful for my father on a business trip. To make it, you need scraps of a fairly stiff skin or plastic imitating leather. It consists of three parts: longitudinal strip, to the edges of which we sew tiny pockets, and two small pieces of peel: one is for inserting needles (we make holes in the right places), the other for winding the thread (we make appropriate cuts on the edges, as shown in the picture). You will need a special leather punch to make the case. Attach the pockets to both ends of the belt, glue on the edges, Then punch holes all around. Then we sew the thick one, strong, colored thread. Both skins, and the one with the needles, and the one with the threads, put in pockets. The belt can be decorated with some ornament drawn or glued on the leather.