Gifts for the kitchen

Gifts for the kitchen.

Sister and mom will be happy with a little, light shelf, where toys can be placed, books, some puppets, cone men or a decorative plant. Drill four holes in an appropriately sized board or piece of plywood or laminate (we can burn them in wood), through which we pull a strong decorative string. We hang the shelf on two hooks. Other, an even simpler way to do it is shown in the drawing.

Every mother will be pleased with a fish scraper made by her child. A seven-year-old can do it easily. For this purpose, you can use a wooden holder from an old hairbrush that is no longer needed. If there is none at home, you have to help the child prepare the right piece of the board. Caps taken from bottles are nailed to it with tiny nails. To hold them well and firmly, each of them must be fastened with two nails. There is little work involved, great comfort at home, not to mention joy, that the contractor has.

A very beautiful gift for mom or grandma will be a set of hand-made and decorated straw napkins. You can buy a straw mat in every Cepelia store. Napkins and table runners made of golden straw decorated with flowers made of colorful yarn look very impressive. Cut the mat into pieces of the appropriate size. You have to remember that, that the edges cut along the straw immediately unravel, so we're going to trim pieces o 6 do 7 cm longer than the planned size of napkins. We draw a few straws from both sides, and the hanging threads are collected a few at a time and tied in knots like this, to form short fringes. Now we proceed to decorate the napkin. From the remnants of colored yarn, that are at home, we make small flowers. They can be small, crocheted, flat circles. Ten, who does not know crochet needlework, flowers in a different way. Wrap several layers of yarn around the pencil. Slide the circles formed in this way off the pencil and braid them with yarn of the same color. Place the flowers on the edges of the napkins and table runner, making bouquets out of them, wreaths or other compositions. After attaching the decorations, iron the mat with an iron on the left side.