Gifts for mom and dad

Gifts for mom and dad.

An original gift can be prepared for mom, namely a few nice pets from willow catkins. Working on them requires great care, patience, is interesting, and most importantly educational. The animals will then be successful, if you choose a base of the right size, proportions and shape.

And that's actually the most important part of the job. Pets will be more durable, if they are made of dried catkins. Adhesive is used to connect the individual parts together (it can be ordinary office or photographic). You have to be careful about that, so as not to stain the base with glue, therefore, it is better to use a thin stick or wire instead of a brush. The head and body can also be connected with a thin wire stuck in the base. Sometimes some small elements have to be glued from paper, for example, the spade-like feet of a mole or the beak of a chicken. At the end of the work with a wire dipped in ink, ink or poster paint are used to mark the eyes and mouth. And the gift is ready.

DIY dad will be happy with a box that allows storage in one place, but carefully sorted small ones (nails, screws, nuts. They will be needed to complete 4 empty matchboxes, two pieces of stiff, fairly thick cardboard measuring 100X100 mm, colored glossy paper, a colorful postcard or cutout, a piece of colored ribbon. From the tools you need to prepare a ruler, pencil, scissors, glue, brush. The color of the paper and ribbon should match the colors on the postcard.

Cut out two squares of the same size from the cardboard 10 cm. We cover the edges of one with strips of colored glossy paper. From a colorful postcard, we choose the most interesting fragment and evenly cut a 9X9 cm square, then glue it to the square covered with paper. This will be the top of our box. You can also decorate the box with a nice cutout. We cover the other square with a piece of colored paper on one side like this, to cover its edges. This will be the bottom of the box. In each of the four matchboxes, we choose one side of the "drawer" as the "front" and cover it with a strip of colored paper (same as squares), and to the bottom we attach a piece of double-folded ribbon like this, so that its edge extends beyond the edge of the box. Place the prepared boxes on the unglued side of the bottom as shown in the picture and glue them, and then glue the previously prepared top of the box. A really practical gift, because it helps keep things in order, which usually spill out somewhere, they misplace and are the hardest to find then, when they are needed.