Gifts for siblings

Gifts for siblings.

For younger siblings, you can prepare a toy made of corrugated cardboard. This cardboard is a great material. It can be used to build a variety of vehicles, furniture, mockups of buildings, and creating different characters. Its parts can be connected with thin sticks inserted into the grooves of the cardboard. This connection method is shown in the figure. Sticks can be purchased ready-made in CSH stores, carve it yourself from the slats, they can also be replaced with wooden toothpicks, and for small toys, even evenly cut straw is enough. Corrugated cardboard is easy to roll up, therefore, the strips cut to the appropriate width can be used to make wheels for vehicles. After rolling, glue them together with glue or adhesive tape, or pierce with a stick. The wheels are also connected to the vehicle using sticks. The toys look nice and aesthetic, if they are carefully and accurately made and not stained with glue. Do not use water-soluble adhesives to glue cardboard and cardboard, because they distort the cardboard. Fast-drying adhesives are the best and easy to use: butapren, wikol. Poster paints can be used to paint toys made of corrugated cardboard, tempera or Humbrol paints - intended for painting models.

The little brother will certainly be pleased with the carefully made model of the bus. The toy can be of different sizes, but the easiest way to make a model with length from 15 do 25 cm. A smaller toy requires great precision, when making a large one, it may be difficult to find the right size of material. A medium-sized model can be made of cardboard from light bulb packaging. It is best to cut out the individual parts of the model first from paper, fit exactly, and then cut them out of the prepared corrugated cardboard. The letter A denotes the chassis seen from above. A1 shows the chassis with a narrow strip of cardboard on the side, B is the chassis with the wheels attached, E - bus floor with fitted seats. The roof of the bus consists of three parts. They are marked in the figure with the letters F, F1 i F2. We attach a strip of cardboard to the perimeter of the ceiling (F1), and then we put on a curved semi-circular roof (F2) and we glue it. Both parts of the bus - the chassis and the roof - are connected using sticks. The last step is to paint the model.

Very interesting, molding human figures out of corrugated cardboard is a highly inventive job. We obtain them by winding strips of cardboard of various lengths and widths on a stick. The main thing in this work is to capture the right proportions, it is better to start with the simplest forms, for example, shaping only the symbol of a human head, and as you gain practice, try to move on to more and more complicated tasks.

After achieving high precision and skill, corrugated cardboard can be used to shape interesting figures of ladies in large crinolines, wearing hats with huge brims. But it takes a lot, many exercises. DIY with corrugated cardboard is not very popular with us, and because it greatly develops the child's inventiveness, it is worth encouraging them to do this work.

So with a bit of ingenuity and perseverance, you can prepare a nice and original gift for everyone.