Unusual buildings made of boxes

Unusual buildings made of boxes.

Most children are impatient. They want to see the results of their activities as soon as possible, and besides, instead of working according to a specific pattern, prefer to compose and create it, whatever their imagination and fantasy will suggest. These need to be encouraged to a different kind of DIY. Show them for example, like empty and useless matchboxes, medicines, chocolates, oat flakes etc. you can build a variety of amazing buildings. It is an exciting activity, especially for boys.

Girls will certainly be more interested dolls made of rags and string. They can be used for themed games, puppet shows or as mascots. We make them from a fairly stiff linen or hemp string, paper string can be used for tiny dolls.

Tie a knot at the end of the string, measure the length needed for both hands of the doll and tie another knot in this place, followed by a third, so that after cutting off the piece with two knots, the rest of the string does not unravel. The string for the body and legs should be about one and a half times longer than the piece cut for the arm. Tie the longer piece of string through the center of the shorter one, as shown in the picture, and a little below, both parts of it are tied with a thread.

The head will be made of soft paper rolled into a ball. You can also form it from cotton and cover it with a rag or a piece of tricot. In larger heads, we chase the fabric at the tip, and in smaller ones "from below” head. We cover the squeezing of the material on the top of the head with "luxuriant" hair. Sew the head to the string with a strong thread. We make eyes and mouth from beads, from felt, we embroider with colored thread or paint. We make hair from a frayed string, from woolen, linen or cotton threads, made of wadding, from thin stockings, etc. Doll hairstyles can be of various kinds, appropriate to the type of doll and role, what will happen to her in the game, and so: short-cropped hair, braids, "a pony tail", hair in a bun, etc.

Every doll should be dressed like this, so that it can be easily recognized, whom he represents, a child or an adult, and what role it can play.

The outfit should be as simple as possible, for example, from an elongated piece of fabric cut in the middle, to push the head, we get the dress, which is enough to tie with a belt. So you can dress dolls without even using a needle. Multi-piece outfits will be more complicated, consisting of blouses, skirts, hearts, aprons, cover your head. We try to make sweatshirts as simple as possible, pleated or pleated skirts. Children have a little more trouble with making trousers and overalls, and they need help with this work. Only when they get the right skill, when we find out, that they are doing very well, we will leave them completely independent. We will only admire the products of their work.