Games and fun – traffic

Games and fun – traffic.

Various games and activities can help in assimilating and consolidating the basic rules of traffic. The most important, however, is the example of adults. If so far, when walking with a child, we have followed the applicable rules ourselves, we only crossed the road in places intended for this purpose, we can be convinced, that our child will behave similarly. Wisely and prudently.

Here are the game suggestions:

When our six-year-old is visited by friends, we can offer children a few games to consolidate the rules of moving around the city.

Light signals.

We prepare three identically sized cardboard discs, one is green, the second red, and the third is yellow. The children line up in a row and spread their arms out to the side. We show them (discs and we talk: "Here are the light signals. You must watch them carefully. If I show the green puck – everyone on the left leg starts walking in place. At the yellow signal, clap your hands, and on red, all stand still. Ten, who is wrong, takes a step back".

The fun is timed and lasts from 2 do 3 minutes. Kid, which remained closest to its original place, we recognize as the winner and we can reward with candy.

On the road

On the floor, we "delineate" the roadway. Children imitate different types of vehicles – cars, motorcycles, bikes – and move in any direction along the road. The adult leading the game plays the role of a militiaman. It stands on the "roadway" turned sideways to the direction of traffic. When he raises his hand and makes a quarter turn to the left, it's a sign, that the "vehicles" must stop in place. When he returns to his previous position again and gives a clear sign with his hand, that the road is free, "vehicles" resume traffic on the road. Kid, that will miss and not follow the signal, gives a prank.

On the side walk

In this game, children behave like passers-by on the sidewalks: they rush to work, they walk slowly, they stop at shop windows or at bus stops, they pass each other. We remind them, that you should always avoid passers-by on their left. Who will not apply it, gives a prank.

From time to time we raise the red disc up, it is a sign of stopping all movement. Who will not stop at this signal, also gives a guy. Picking up the green puck means resuming the movement.

On the crossroad

We draw a square on the ground. Children take places in its corners. An adult plays the role of a militiaman, he stands in the center of the square and regulates the traffic. Kids, to whom he will turn sideways and give them a sign of the free way with his hand, they switch places. They avoid the policeman in this way, that one passes in front of him, and the other at the back. When the children take their new places, the militiaman makes a quarter turn, he raises his hand up and then gives the sign of free way, at this signal, the other two children switch places. In this way, we change the movement several times.

Across the road

We clearly mark the road, footpath and pedestrian crossing. There is heavy foot traffic on the sidewalks (right side). At the driver's signal "cross the road", passers-by reach the pedestrian crossing, they stop, they look to the left, then right and left again, and then they walk briskly to the other side of the road. Normal foot traffic resumes on the sidewalk on the other side until the signal is repeated: "Crossing the road”.

Green- Red

The children line up at the starting line. In distance 20 steps, na linii mety, becomes the leader. It has green and red cardboard discs. On the raised green disc, children start their march towards the finish line. On the raised red puck - they stop motionless in place, the one who moves, must go back to the starting line. The child wins, which will reach the finish line first. We can repeat the race.